Animal Flow

Fuerte Conil-Resort, one of the top resorts on the Cádiz coast, offers the chance to practice animal flow free of charge, a sport that involves using your bodyweight and replicating the movements of animals to improve flexibility, gain stability and build strength, among many other benefits.

28 June 2022. Years ago, it was unthinkable. Now, it’s quite probable. Today, a customer often chooses one hotel over another hotel because of the experiences they offer. That’s why Fuerte Conil-Resort, one of the top holiday complexes on the Cadiz coast, which last year was transformed into a Caribbean-style resort, unifying 3 hotels into 1, has started the 2022 season by boosting the range of activities it offers within the Programa Fuerte Live, with something for all ages.

For adult audiences, one of the stand-outs is the addition of a new discipline made fashionable by celebrities including Elsa Pataki and Chris Hemsworth, whose videos imitating animal postures have gone viral. And that’s precisely what Animal Flow is all about, emulating the position adopted by crabs, monkeys or scorpions, among many other species, using their own body strength and a bit of skill.

According to the head of Entertainment at Fuerte Conil-Resort, Rocío Carrillo, “it’s an hour-long activity aimed only at adults that’s proving incredibly popular. Depending on the physical condition of the participants, we choose easier or more difficult postures and decide whether to include more complex sequence’s such as forward and backward movements, transitions, or, for the more advanced, the famous ‘flows’, which are practised only by the most experienced participants. Depending on the client profile, in some sessions we also incorporate some yoga postures, a discipline that has some similar positions, and even some in common”.

Among the benefits of the sport, he concluded, are “improvement in mobility, flexibility, stability and strength, as well as the fact that it leads to greater body awareness. It’s a sport that, when practised with a certain degree of continuity, has a great impact on the muscle structure”.