Our Suppliers

The careful selection of suppliers is important in meeting Fuerte Group Hotels’s commitment to bringing its clients premium quality products, in accordance with any specific needs that may be required. Our company’s success depends in part on good cooperation between our departments and our suppliers. This is why we have developed an intelligent and efficient purchasing team, with highly motivated and capable staff.

Proveedores Fuerte Group Hotels


The Purchasing Department is uniquely important within Fuerte Group Hotels and has a notable impact on our product portfolio. The better the purchase management, the better our products. Working on this principle, we try to create strong working links with our suppliers; this partnership allows us to achieve and exceed the requirements of our clients and to face market challenges.


Our objective is to meet our clients’ needs. We continually make the effort to source the best products in order to offer our clients the best possible quality.

In Fuerte Group Hotels purchases are made following an exhaustive procedure based on the annual output of the various suppliers for each product, and which provide both the best quality and price. All suppliers must meet the current regulatory and procedural standards. Once the aforementioned requirements have been met, we will also look to whether or not the suppliers provide good service, if they are Fuerte Group Hotels clients, their commercial collaboration with the Group and finally, environmental factors, which would affect our decision.

When choosing suppliers, company interests also come first and foremost. Apart from commercial gestures and invitations by way of thanks that are approved by the management, it’s a Fuerte Group Hotels policy to neither give nor receive gifts or financial compensation to persuade or compensate suppliers, who may have a direct influence on the development of commercial or administrative relationships with the said people or groups.

Proveedores Fuerte Group Hotels

Be a Fuerte Group Hotels supplier. If you’re interested in being a supplier for Fuerte Group Hotels, send us your business details to [email protected].