Letter from the President

Fuerte Group Hotels was born in 1957 when José Luque Manzano, the Group’s founder, opened the Fuerte Hotel in Marbella.

The project of this naturally friendly and entrepreneurial visionary, born in Estepa (Seville province), was based on the pillars that continue to support the Group today, and which are included in our Code of Ethics.

With more than 60 years of service under our belt and thanks to those who day after day have trusted in this innovative way of doing business, we have overcome multiple challenges: growth, diversification (both geographical and sectoral), continuous innovation and the creation of the Fuerte Foundation.

Through all our projects, we seek to make our motto “Caring for people and the environment” reality: as we value our history, we believe in the future and we hope to receive the same trust from those who have accompanied us to date on our journey forwards.


Isabel Mª García Bardón.
Fuerte Group Hotels Honorary President.

At Fuerte Group Hotels “We take care of

people and the environment”