Fuerte Hoteles and Amàre Hotels support the art and the sea through their CSR actions

Hotel Fuerte Conil Resort

The two hotel brands of Fuerte Group Hotels evaluate their initiatives on the Andalusian company’s CSR website.

On the 6th of February 2024. After finishing 2023, Fuerte Group Hotels evaluated the actions they had carried out over the past year regarding sustainability and got them summarised on the CSR’s website of the Andalusian group.

They have included the sustainable projects carried out during 2023 at the Fuerte Hoteles establishments, among which stands out the support of the seabed recovery thanks to the NGO Equilibrio Marino and its initiative Recuperación Marina.

This proposal aims to protect Placer de Bóvedas, a seamount of extraordinary biodiversity, which they want to turn into a marine protected area. To achieve this, they make dives to clean up the seabed, make measurements and carry out studies that allow them to protect certain areas of valuable ecosystems. Located just a few kilometres from the Strait of Gibraltar, Placer de Bóvedas is the largest area of posidonia oceanica in Malaga, and is home to an abundance of sponges, algae, starfish, molluscs, and corals, among many other living creatures.

Fuerte Hoteles y Amàre Hotels apoyan el arte y el mar

This project, which is part of the Mares Limpios (Clean Seas) campaign that Fuerte Group Hotels started two years ago with the aim of protecting the seas and oceans, contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 14, which seeks to conserve the environment where hotels are located.

In this regard, it is worth remembering the close bond that Fuerte Group Hotels maintains with the sea (all the hotels, except one, are located on the seafront). A bond that in 2016 led the company to reflect this special relationship in the name of its brand of hotels recommended for adults, Amàre, which merges the words Love and Sea.

Besides this initiative, in 2023 all Fuerte Group Hotels establishments have improved their sustainability indicators. This was achieved thanks to the measures carried out in terms of waste recycling, water and electricity consumption, the promotion of the circular economy, the use of renewable energies and, above all, the reduction of the carbon footprint. In this regard, the company has committed to reducing CO2 emissions per hotel guest by 1% per year.

Support for culture, another CSR priority for Fuerte Group Hotels

Amàre Ibiza

Returning to the Amàre Hotels brand, it was born with an additional priority: to support local culture, turning its establishments into places to experience art. For this reason, both Amàre Marbella and Amàre Ibiza host different exhibitions of national and international artists every year.

In addition, they lead initiatives that aim to support the launch of new artists. In 2023, they have achieved this by contributing to the improvement of the facilities of two important art centres in Ibiza and Malaga, the two destinations where the Amàre brand is established.

In the case of Ibiza, the collaboration has been with the Escola d’Art of Ibiza, where many of the Pytiusic Islands’ new artists are trained. In Malaga, with Ateneo de Malaga, an institution known for preserving more than 300 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, and photographs, and for carrying out many free cultural dissemination activities.